Covid And Cancellations

Nov 24, 2020 | Covid-19

Stay SafeJust as the experts thought, we are now facing another ramp up of the COVID-19 virus in Colorado. Governor Polis has moved the statewide COVID dial up to the second highest level, red, and many business are now shutting down or cutting capacities. As COVID spreads freely around the state, we know you are doing your best to stay healthy and keep others healthy as well.

We have noticed an increase in cancellations from our patients due to potential COVID exposures. We love that you are taking the initiative to keep yourself, our staff, and other patients safe. These measures will help to slow the spread and hopefully turn the COVID dial back down.

While you are looking out for your fellow Coloradans by self-quarantining, we ask that you would give as much notice as possible to our staff that you might have had a potential exposure. This gives the staff an opportunity to try to fill in the appointment that you will no longer be able to make. By doing this, you ensure that prices stay down due to lower overhead and our practice runs as efficiently as possible.

We hope you are well as the Christmas season approaches and know that we can’t wait to see you when you come in for your appointments.