Happy Monday Patients!

May 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

How are you all hanging in there? We are going on our 7th week of being closed and we miss you!


Governor Polis has been vacillating a little bit about whether offices can open or not so we are still waiting on more clarification. Hopefully, more information will come within the next couple of days.

One of the main reasons for reaching out to you today is to keep you informed on our own personal protective equipment (PPE) situation here at Elska Dental. We want you to know that your safety and our team’s safety is the most important. Currently, we have face shields, several N95 masks, long lab coats and disposable lab coats depending on the dental treatment, scrub hats, and booties for our shoes.  If you are wondering, yes, we are definitely going to be looking like the ghostbusters at your next visit! Please be patient with us if we are not as chatty during your visit because it is tough to breath with a N95 on! Since our office has been shut down I have been working on trying to get proper PPE even with the limited supplies. Right now we will be set for a while. If we do start running low, and you have a couple of N95s you could spare we may barter for a box of bleach strips!

Just at visiting the grocery store has been different there will be changes for your next visit. We are coming up with a complete list to help set your expectations. Things are constantly changing as far as what we are being told so the list you will receive in the next couple of days will likely change but mostly stay the same.  We are having to be so flexible so we ask for your willingness to be flexible with us.

We know there may have been some changes with your financial situation. If you have experienced job loss and/or a loss of dental benefits please let us know! If your dental benefits will be expiring by the end of April we really want to make sure we are working with you if possible.

My offer still stands from my last email. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Marin Rosenvold, DDS
Elska Dental