Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 22, 2021 | Dental News

Thanksgiving has become one of the holidays I enjoy most as an adult. It is a wonderful reason to slow down and reflect on how much we have to be grateful for, both in our families and businesses.  This year has been an exceptional one with the team at Elska Dental, our patients, and my family.

First and foremost, I just love the team that has come together to serve our patients. You will not meet ladies who are more well rounded, kind, funny, and work harder for you. They took amazing care of the office so I could take a couple weeks maternity leave to spend time adapting to our newborn, and I didn’t have to worry about one thing while I was gone. Anytime Gunnar comes into the office, they are quick to love him, hold him, or help with a bottle. As a mom and owner of this business, this is more than I could hope for.

All of us are so grateful for our patients here. We are not a corporate office and take few insurances so we have to work really hard to sustain our small business. Thank you to all of you who keep your appointments and show up on time, and keep supporting us. We are always working on growing and learning to provide the best services around.

Finally, I’m so thankful that God has given Austin and I the opportunity to be parents to our little Gunnar bear. Our worlds have literally been turned upside down with having a newborn in our house. Our nights have still been pretty sleepless but when he gives us his little morning giggles and coos it makes it more worth it. I couldn’t have a better husband than Austin to go through this real adventure with. There is nothing better than to see our little Gunnar in Austin’s arms.

If you made it through this long post, thank you for taking the time to read. We hope and pray that you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!