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BOTOX® treatment is fast becoming a mainstream procedure in dental offices. BOTOX® is derived from Clostridium botulinum, a type of bacteria, and once injected into a muscle, blocks the transmission of nerve signals to prevent the muscle from contracting.

Although it has long been used as a cosmetic solution, BOTOX® is still relatively new in dentistry. Dental offices now administer Botox for facial rejuvenation and contouring. According to one of the reviews published in the Journal of International Oral Health (JIOH), it’s now being used to correct extracapsular myogenic temporomandibular disorder, trismus, parafunctional clenching, and headaches brought about by such conditions. It’s also currently used to aid in orthodontic therapy.

In order to use BOTOX® in a dental office, the dentist must first receive appropriate education and training to ensure a proper and safe treatment.

BOTOX® Side Effects

As with any treatment, there are always side effects. With BOTOX®, these usually go away after a few hours or a couple of days.

  1. Swelling
  2. Inflammation
  3. Soreness/Discomfort
  4. Dizziness
  5. Redness

The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes or less and you’ll notice the results within 2 days. The effects of BOTOX® can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, and your dentist may recommend re-treatment.

BOTOX® Contraindications

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Botox, or have breathing or bleeding problems, you shouldn’t avail of this treatment. Talk to your dentist to find out if BOTOX® is for you.

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