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We offer different types of mouth guards to suit your needs.

  • Athletic Mouth Guard – This is the kind of mouth guard that you wear when you engage in contact sports such as rugby, football and lacrosse. An athletic guard protects the teeth from damage while you play.
  • Night Mouth Guard – If you tend to grind and clench your teeth during sleep, you need to wear a night guard. This is especially true if you have dental restorations (such as a crown) or are currently under orthodontic treatment, so as not to damage your dental appliance.
  • Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard – Doctors often prescribe snore guards to patients who tend to snore loudly. Snoring is caused by soft tissues at the back of the throat that block the airway, and a snore guard works by repositioning the lower jaw in such a way that air can pass through, allowing you to sleep soundly.

What makes custom mouth guards significantly better than the ones you can purchase over the counter is that these are specially designed for you. They fit well and are comfortable to wear. On the other hand, OTC mouth guards tend to cause soreness and chaffing in the lips, inner cheek and gums. They also make breathing difficult.

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