We All LOVE Our Sleep Here At Elska Dental

Feb 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

I don’t know about you but we all LOVE our sleep here at Elska Dental.


At the beginning of January, Dr. Rosenvold took a class on sleep apnea implementation with Dr. Erin Elliott with 3D Dentists. It blew her mind! Everyday, we are already looking into 10-20 mouths day and now we can more effectively screen for bigger situations like sleep apnea.

Most patients have very little interest or tolerance for their CPAP so many dentists are offering a different type of oral appliance to open up their airways. While men can stereotypically be the ones zeroed in on, many women also stop breathing while sleeping at night leading to excessive daytime sleepiness.

One of the neat things to learn more about your nighttime breathing is that we can offer a simple take home sleep test set up for you to use in your own home!

If you are interested in learning more reach out and call Dr. Rosenvold at Elska Dental! 303-988-6115