We Support Local And You Should Too!

Mar 9, 2022 | Blog

During the pandemic we all learned the importance of supporting local business. Though the pandemic is hopefully nearing the end, the need for us to patronize our community businesses continues.

We have all seen local stores close up shop due to fierce competition from the big box stores. Local mom and pops were the norm, but have become more and more rare. It is vital we support the ones that are still around.

Elska loves to support local businesses. Dr. Rosenvold only uses local labs for her crowns and bridges and has a local salesman for procuring all her dental supplies. Whenever she can, Dr. Rosenvold buys within Lakewood to keep as much money in the community as possible.

Elska Dental is a non-corporate, dentist-owned healthcare provider. Corporate owned dentist offices are popping up everywhere and threaten privately owned dentists by driving down costs to the detriment of quality care. Please consider sending your friends and family to Elska and keep corporations out of healthcare!