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An intra oral camera (IOC) is a tiny handheld video camera that we use to take pictures of your teeth and other structures in your mouth. The images are then projected onto a computer screen so you can also see what’s going on inside your mouth. Things like decay, worn teeth, gum disease and plaque deposits can be seen using an IOC.

Advantages of Using an Intra Oral Camera

  • An IOC allows us to work hand in hand with you and make you an active partner in your dental care. With it, we can better discuss your treatment options and you can make informed decisions.
  • This modern camera gives you the real-world picture of your dental hygiene, and allows us to show you techniques for improving your oral health.
  • It has the ability to reveal early stages of gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Moreover, we can provide insurance companies with the necessary proof to approve a certain treatment.

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