The Scariest Holiday For Your Teeth

Oct 20, 2020 | Dental Tips

Dental Lakewood COHalloween is coming up heralding the start of the holiday season that ends with New Years. While there are many holidays in the next few months, the scariest one for your teeth is by far Halloween!

I remember when i was a kid I would absolutely love getting all bundled up in my warm clothes and throwing my costume over to go trick or treating with the neighborhood kids. We would sprint from door to door like a rabid pack of hyenas, banging on doors and loudly proposing the most important question of the night, “Trick or Treat!?!”. This would continue for another hour or so, parents dutifully in tow, until our pillow cases were bursting at the scenes or we had hit every house in the neighborhood.

Going out with your kids for Halloween is always good fun. While there are plenty of false urban myths about Halloween candy, there really aren’t sickos out there poisoning treats, one thing is true; there is too much of a good thing.

Make sure that candy is eaten by your kiddos in moderation. Let them pick out a few treats for the night and then stash it away out of reach. You can always dole it out throughout the year as rewards for good behavior. Chomping down too much candy in one night is not only hard on your teeth, its tough on your stomach and pancreas too.

At Elska Dental we hope you have a happy Halloween! Be safe out there and don’t forget to brush and floss after enjoying the fruits of your labor!